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September 17, 2008
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Overwatch Pulse Rifle Textured by SgtHK Overwatch Pulse Rifle Textured by SgtHK
Made in 3ds Max 2009
Textures made in Adobe Photoshop CS3
Modeling Time - 4 hours
Texturing Time - 4 hours (approx.)
Inspired by the weapon from the game "Half-Life 2"

The Overwatch Standard Issue AR2 Pulse rifle, or simply refered to as the Pulse Rifle, is the preferred weapon of the Transhuman Arm of the Combine Overwatch on Earth. The rifle descended from present day human assault rifles. But due to its different working mechanism, the design is significantly altered.

While conventional weapons rely on the kinetic energy of solid projectiles to damage targets, the Pulse Rifle employs "dark energy plasma" traveling at high-speed to burn and incinerate enemies. The plasma is stored inside compact casings called "energy plugs". Each plug as enough dark energy plasma for 30 pulses.

The firing pin, a leaf-shaped piece of metal which is positioned outside the main body of the weapon, hits the detonator of the energy plug to release a portion of the plasma inside. Under normal circumstances, this plasma would burst out in all directions. But when contained within the gun's energy barrel, the plasma is directed in a straight line towards the unfortunate target. This firing mode is fully automatic and can discharge an energy plug in seconds.

Since the ammunition is plasma, the firing trajectory is perfectly flat making the weapon almost 100% accurate when fired in short bursts. However, automatic firing for prolonged periods causes the weapon to wander around due to the powerful kickback caused by the detonation of the energy plugs.

SPECIAL ADD-ON: Dark Energy Orb Launcher
Almost every issued AR2 are equipped with an underbarrel launcher which fires dark energy plasma orbs. These orbs launch at high speeds and bounce off inorganic matter. But when organic matter is struck, the orb passes through and vaporizes it completely. The only people known to use this special add-on are the highly-trained Combine Elites and the rogue physicist Gordon Freeman.
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Holy shit...!  If this was an actual replacement for Pulse Rifle I would get it IMMEDIATELY, DAMN this looks SO good and makes the original design of it look like crap, honestly, I love this, DEFINITELY Faved! ^^
Could you release this as a weapon replacement? Pleeaaase?!
I have seen this a few times before but I'm super lazy and never log in. =P My point being... This is fricken awesome and I'm sorry i didn't fave sooner!
DoctorYucatan Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, God, do I wish this was a physical thing.
That I owned.
That actually shot plasma.
CaptainLackwit Sep 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
How is this not in my favorites yet?

Better yet, how the hell is this not modeled and rigged by someone in the Half Life 2 modding community yet!?
GoGlhEaD Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this gun/Game!
You are fucking good :clap: :nirvana: :headbang: i love this gun :la:
TheEndOfPain Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If this was a reskin for the default HL2 one.. I'd download it and make sure my friends did so too!
MrCreatordude Apr 10, 2012
awesome :D
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