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April 4, 2009
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Deimos by SgtHK Deimos by SgtHK
I am Deimos, one of the creations of Samir Duran at the peak of his power. I was the child of his wildest imaginings, and I was his downfall. For it was I who slaughtered him. It was I who turned upon my creator, with glimpses of power haunting my thoughts and dreams- desires to lead us, the Hybrids, on to a glorious future with me at their head.

More and more often, I realize how close we are to that goal. We are stronger, we are faster, and we are superior. Blood akin to that of Gods runs through our veins, and true freedom lies within our grasp-freedom over life, and over death, over the very souls of this universe and every being within it.

Yet we could not move so quickly. For five years, we awaited the onset of our golden age, and I believe that we have found it. The Protoss are weak: lurking in the shadows to lick their wounds. The Terrans are divided: their once mighty Directorate shattered into pitiful feudalism.

Even now, we lay seeds of derision within Kerrigan's ranks, and soon I will usurp her throne; with Kerrigan falling prey to her characteristic human arrogance.
The time has come, and we shall not distance ourselves from the hour at hand. Doubtless the other weaker races shall attempt to check us, but I will heed them not. Let them come to me, I say, and meet their demise at my hand!
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personaly i think that dark voice is Samir Duran. duran is very well alive.
at the news report *if memory serves* after the evacuation of the Mobius co. planet, it sayus that Dr. Narud (duran backwards) went missing. unless that is one of the biggest coincidences ever, duran isd alive and he will go down kicking and screaming.
that looks more Hybrid than the Hybrid from SC2!
DIABLO123456 Sep 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmmm so is this the GOD like creature, has portrait with just 2 shiny red eyes ??? cause i have never seen his full body only his eyes
Wolfgerlion Dec 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
So this is the Zerg/protoss Hybrid Duran was making.
Very creative. Wonderful work
and good story
Hot DAMN nice hybrid/Xel'Naga/miscellaneus god-type-thing you got there.
gagged Sep 15, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
At the end of starcraft... the terran were creating a protoss/zerg hybrid..
I DID have hybrid on that list...

Anyway, it's still pretty damn sweet.
I have to admit he is cool but - well - I can't quite put my finger on it why I think he is "two dimensional". I know he is not - I can see he is not. Maybe the picture is just a little bit too dark ... no I think its his eyes, compared to the rest of the image they're to plain (maybe), not sure though ... I prefer his brother :P
Yeah. This was made a long time ago, though. I'm planing to revise this soon ;)
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